From comfortable Safety Shoes to fragrant Basmati Rice, find multiple products at our one-stop store.
We, Wrane International Pvt. Ltd., work with a commitment to delivering the best security and safety products, food products, etc., to clients. We have attained consistent industry leadership by dint of our focus, hard work, and our vision to delight every customer coming our way. We please customers from around the world with our range of Basmati Rice, Chain Link Fencing, Safety Shoes, and Welding Cables. How we have managed to attain the many ambitious goals of the company in such a short time is worth a mention. We have channelized efforts so that we recruit the best manpower, embrace groundbreaking business strategies and build long-term relations with a wide base of customers from India and abroad. 

As we strive to change the way major products are made available in the global market, we also invest in our supply chain management strategies. Our existing efforts are complemented well by reliable logistics businesses that work with us to strengthen our product distribution works. Customers receive their packages on time, every time, regardless of where they are located on the planet. Though a manufacturer and exporter, one might even think of us as a packaging leader because of the way we package orders. Utilizing sustainable packing boxes, wrap solutions, and tapes, we ensure each product is compactly and conveniently packaged and reaches customers in pristine conditions.


Mr. Kartik Agarwal is the inspirational leader and Director of our company, Wrane International Pvt. Ltd. His top priority in business is making everything comfortable and convenient for our clients.

Our Manufacturing Works

Our Safety Shoes range sold under the Targus brand is the highlight of our business. Each pair of shoes is engineered at our own facility and in comfortable designs that set us apart in the Indian and international protective footwear industry. We minutely analyze the physical and environmental stresses encountered by factory workers, and other workers in mining sites, construction sites, oil drilling sites, etc., to embed the best comfort and safety performance in our shoes. We integrate innovative technologies into our shoe production methods so that we only manufacture and market high-performance shoes that last for years.

Our manufacturing works also involve the production of food products like Basmati Rice. For facilitating processes like grain husking, sorting, grading, polishing, etc., we have installed various high-technology machines at our processing facility in Delhi. Within the same facility, we follow step by step testing procedures at our quality control unit to determine the grain size, grain shape, and exact amylose content of rice we produce and sell. We have plans to upgrade the following machines we have in our setup:

  • Rice Hullers
  • Rice Whiteners
  • Rice Graders
  • Rice Color Sorters
  • Rice Quality Analyzers
  • Rice Milling Machines
  • Rice Packing Machines

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